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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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Learning styles and personal motivation to succeedPage 1

Learning styles and personal motivation to succeed

Laurie S. Lynch

COLL 100

American Public University Systems

Kimberly Bessolo

Learning styles and personal motivation to succeedPage 2

While taking class COLL 100, I have discovered many things that I never realized before. First and foremost are the various learning styles, and the various amounts of styles that exist. By taking the time to complete the exercises to learn what type of learning style I have, and the tips provided to help me learn various ways that worked to my advantage.

In just a few weeks the tips have improved the way I am learning to understand my work in all my classes. I have truly found just a few tips simply amazing, especially when the tips are very simple once you understand what type of learning style you have. These tips have helped to improve my understanding in all my classes and I feel more confident when turning in assignments.

I also found the GEMS questionnaire very informative, the only problem with the questionnaire is most of the questions are based on if you are working and due to health conditions I am unable to work at this time, so I based my answers on my last job. However, the final report was fairly accurate and did in fact include that science would be a good choice for me. I am working on my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with content of fish and wildlife management. So I was a little surprised that the GEMS questionnaire did pick that up.

Learning styles and personal motivation to succeedPage 3

I have been attempting to work on my degree for close to fifteen years off and on. With full time work, twins and a stepson just one year younger than my twins there just was not time for school. So I am now forty six and now that I am not working and the kids are twenty and nineteen, it is time for me to go for it....
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