Personal Essay: Summer Vacation

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Garrick Moss
3rd Hour American Lit
Summer Vacation
Summer vacation is probably the happiest period in a student's life. During the hot dreaded summer of twenty twelve, I experience many things to look back on like every other summer. Overall my summer was filled with happiness and was joyful. I enjoy fresh air, listening to great music, and maybe just think about anything. This summer was the best summer I’ve had so far, for many reasons. I look at summer to be a time to enjoy the beach with your friends, festivals to let loose, and surrounding yourself in good environments that bring good vibes.

Being at the beach during the summer is like snowboarding at the mountains in the beautiful winter scenery, and I love snowboarding. All my friend’s and I go to the beach about every day we can, just to kick back and enjoy the refreshing water. There is nothing like a cool down on a hot summer day. Flip tricks are really fun, I could be stuck at the pier all day and I wouldn’t mind at all. There is not much to do in this small town known as Whitehall, Michigan and I’m grateful for the clean beautiful great lakes we have to enjoy.

The Electric Forest Festival is a four-day electronic music, eclectic genre music festival in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Resort. This was the first festival I’ve ever been to, and it changed my life really. Nothing can compare to the feeling and the atmosphere it feeds off to you. I will be attending Electric Forest next summer to wonder in the forest and make more great memories to look back on. This type of experience is necessary for anybody and everybody, I suggest it to you.

Summer brought me to some good and bad places. I enjoy surrounding myself with good people to enjoy the summer vacation together, and put myself in good environments. Didn’t matter what I was doing, or if I was bored, I enjoyed being in good positions. I had great friends, still do, and my best friend was my skateboard and my headphones...
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