Personal Communication

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  • Published : August 24, 2011
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Personal Communication is defined as what information wanted transferred between two different entities. Communication can be easily achieved between two people just through speaking, hand gestures , over the phone, even using a computer to emulate whatever is needed. Communication is commonly defined as "the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs". One of the most common forms of personal communication is oral. For example when you go to a fast food restaurant and order your favorite meal, you are communicating orally. Non-Verbal communication is when people do not use their voice to indicate what they want. An example of nonverbal communication would be when you are at a stoplight and the traffic is being directed by a police officer and the officer uses his hand signals to wave you by them. When Communication is effective the information that is wanted is clear and easily understandable. There are a few things that also happen with clear communication, improved productivity, better problem solving, fewer grievences, enhanced creativity, better working relationships and greater personal satisfaction. There are two communication skills I posses or used more frequently over any other, which is oral, and digital. Orally I am aa good speaker and clear as possible. My verbal speaking skills are strong because of the background I come from, with all the reading I have done over my life experience. Digital is my favorite and the one communication type which is my greatest strength with oral next. I am very effective with the digital type, whether it is emailing, instant messaging or just sending files across the internet. One of my personal weaknesses in communication is my short attention span. Focusing on one thing at a time usually helps me get things done better or ideas communicated more clear. One goal I would like to set is llearning how to speak to large audiences...
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