Persepolis: Write a Letter from Marji to Kaveh Telling Her About All the Changes in the Country from the Point of View of a Child/Young Person.

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Write a letter from Marji to Kaveh telling her about all the changes in the country from the point of view of a child/young person.

Dear Kaveh:
I hope you are doing well but the reason for my letter is to tell you everything that has been going on around here. There have been major changes. Something called the Islamic Revolution has taken place. Everything is different. Our school has been separated between boys and girls, we can no longer be mixed up in classes. But the worst part is that the U.S. Embassy was closed today and I won´t be able to come and see you to the United States. All my dreams are going up in smoke! They just announced that the Ministry of Education has decreed that universities will close at the end of the month!!! I wanted to be an educated, liberated woman and study chemistry like Marie Curie and if the pursuit of knowledge meant getting cancer, so be it. Now, at the age that Marie Curie first went to France I will probably have 10 children. This is a disaster.

And that’s not it… They even insulted mom, telling her that women that didn’t wear the veil wouldn’t be respected so now, we, the girls have to wear this type of very uncomfortable veil on our heads in order for men to respect us. The revolution has had a great impact on everyone. My neighbor who 1 year ago used to wear miniskirts, now is wearing a chador (a long dress that covers your whole body except the face), and her fundamentalist husband uses mouth wash every time he says the word “alcohol” and prays every day. I sometimes have to lie about how many times I pray a day even though I don’t pray… not even once.

Every once in a while there were antifundamentalist meetings where I would give out flyers and we would yell, “Guns may shoot and knives may carve, but we won’t wear your silly scarves!” Until one day things got nasty and I saw violence with my own eyes, it was our last demonstration. Things got worse and worse and my parents decided to go to...
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