Performance: Complex, Emotional, and Perfect

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Describe the performance and use specific gestures movement and non-movement to prove your points.
The performance is complex, emotional, and perfect. It is complex because without prior knowledge about it, the piece would seem senseless. There is difficulty in appreciation because it consisted mostly of immobility and poses with music playing in the background. The music cued the performer to move and to change to another position, but until then, the performer holds a pose for a long and boring wait. It becomes emotional when you discover how powerful the impression it is trying to make. The performance is actually the enactment of the role of a corps de ballet from the scene of the classical, Swan Lake. Corps de ballet works as one, with synchronized movements and corresponding positioning on the stage. It is a group of dancers who are not soloists, which means that they only serve as the “shadows” to the “stars.” Ms. Veronique Doisneau narrates in the beginning that it is the most horrible thing we do. The performance has become an outlet for her to express her emotions. Finally, it is perfect because the performer knows the dance in heart and mind. Every serious dancer is driven by notions of perfection: perfect expressiveness and perfect technique. It is a fact that no one is perfect, but in dance, the performance standards are always being raised (Sontag). Ms. Doisneau dances brilliantly even without the presence of the other members of the corps de ballet to guide her on the timing and positioning and only allowed the melody of (perhaps) the most legendary and classical music in ballet to give her the signal as she stands still in choreographed poses. She inhabits her poses with the breath and life of a professional performer. She exhibits, until the very end, the depth of presence that transforms the performance into something more metaphysical. She finds a way to deeply engage (and does it exceptionally), even in the midst of disappointment and broken dreams.

Why is this dance?
The performance is a dance because of: 1) the rhythmic movement of the body to music and 2) the existence of the dance design or choreography. Dance is an art form that attributes to the rhythmic motion of the body to music, which is used as a form of expression, social interaction, or presented in a spiritual or performance setting. Ms. Doisneau’s performance on stage is dance in the form of ballet. Ballet is a poised style of dance; it is very hard to master and requires much practice, discipline and dedication. It is choreographed and performed by trained artists. Ms. Doisneau expressed certain emotions that one cannot express through words. She is not just performing (a role) but being (a dancer) (Sontag). The dance she executed is a type of dance that helped highlight the real “star” of the spectacle. Despite her grudge and disappointment, she maintained perfection as her standard. This is because no species of performing artist is as self-critical as a dancer. Part of being a dancer is this cruelly self-punishing objectivity about one’s shortcomings (Sontag). According to Dance and the Dancer by Susan Sontag, Dance cannot exist without dance design; choreography. Choreography is the composition and arrangement of dances. Ms. Doisneau’s performance was based on Jerome Bel’s reflections. Her poses and movements were choreographed by him. (Jerome Bel has a reputation for being controversial, provoking his audience with witty, cerebral presentations that often breaks down the traditional barrier between the performer and audience, and that pose questions about virtuosity and the nature of dance.) The motion and form were presented in detail, as to the level of the arms and position of the legs. However, Ms. Doisneau was still given a license for personal interpretation when she delivered her sentimental narrative in the beginning. It showed her desire to be heard and to be in control amidst her less powerful...
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