Perfect World

Topics: The Truman Show, Jim Carrey, Cancer Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Andre’ Hills
Dr. Elliot
English 101

Even in the darkest of days light shines upon those that represent greatness. It can be defined as man changing from his felonious ways or a man teaching others not to be iniquitous and to live with morals. Life cannot shine and be as beautiful as it is without there being a hero (light) to shine upon life. Daily there are stories about a characteristic of greatness being shown in someone. A professional Athlete one who encourages kids to follow their dreams, a cop, a firefighter or a person who walks for breast cancer is considered a hero. These are people we need, what the world will be without people like this to be there so we can call them our heroes. Stories that resemble these heroes can be finding in the news, newspapers. All these people are trying to bring change to this world but what if the world was so perfect we didn’t need these people. Who would be meritorious amongst us? Is it that greatness can only be shown if there are others that need a role model or Does the world we live in make it impossible for someone to be a good citizen? If all we knew was different where everyone couldn’t do any harm and everything was as sweet as an apple pie being baked in a bakery how would our life’s be. As time passes from A.M to P.M to night and day to breakfast to lunch and to dinner there isn’t a time when the question of “what would this day be like’ pop into our brains. If that question never arose and we already knew the answer would that be enjoyable or give us the same anxiety as Jim Carrey in the Truman Show. How would that make you feel? Having your questions already answered before you start your day? No complexities, just simulated like a video game without any bad guy telling you to start over would you challenge this Angelic lifestyle or would you accept it? In my aspect I wouldn’t want to play a role which I knew the script before reading it. That’s like being Indiana Jones and going...
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