Perfect Procreation

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Procreation Perfect
First off, I think that is no such thing as the perfect family. There might be a perfect family for you personally or family that seems for the majority of a population. There might be the perfect American family but that family wouldn’t work in china, but I don’t even think there is a perfect American family. I think that everyone has an idea of the family that is right for them. But none of them are perfect, I don’t think anyone would even like the perfect family if there was one. But I know for a fact that the perfect for me has pets in it. I think it would it would be easier people to think of the perfect family of procreation than orientation. Because if you change your family of orientation to what you think is perfect, then you would change yourself. But we’ve all been thinking and planning our family of procreation for a while now. So I’ll plan the perfect family of procreation for me. To start, I have to the perfect wife. I want her to have big breast, not too big, a big booty, not too big that it won’t look good when she gets older. I want her to only be about 2 inches shorter than me because I want god size children. I want her to keep it 300 with me and our children. She has to be independent but not where it would make me feel less a man. I want us to have the best sex. She has to believe in God, preferably my religion. She has to have a conservative sex life before and not easy. We have to get along. She has to be a good mother and still look good when she get old. Our kids have to be tough and going somewhere in life. I want two boys and if I have an additional daughter, the boys have to be older. She has to be a virgin until she’s 22. And we have to have a huge house that’s full of different pets.
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