Perfect Competition

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Chapter 8 Sample Multiple Choice Questions 1. In a competitive market, no single producer can influence the market price because a. many other sellers are offering a product that is essentially identical. b. consumers have more influence over the market price than producers do. c. government intervention prevents firms from influencing price. d. producers agree not to change the price. Suppose a firm in a competitive market received $1,000 in total revenue and had a marginal revenue of $10 for the last unit produced and sold. What is the average revenue per unit, and how many units were sold? a. $5 and 50 b. $5 and 100 c. $10 and 50 d. $10 and 100 When a profit-maximizing firm in a competitive market has zero economic profit, accounting profit a. is negative (accounting losses). b. is positive. c. is also zero. d. could be positive, negative or zero. When a competitive firm triples the amount of output it sells, a. its total revenue triples. b. its average revenue triples. c. its marginal revenue triples. d. its profit must increase. Which of the following statements regarding a competitive firm is true? a. Since demand is downward sloping, if a firm increases its level of output, the firm will have to charge a lower price to sell the additional output. b. If a firm raises its price, the firm may be able to increase its total revenue even though it will sell fewer units. c. By lowering its price below the market price, the firm will benefit from being able to sell more units at the lower price than it could have sold by charging the market price. d. For all firms, average revenue equals the price of the good. The Wheeler Wheat Farm sells wheat to a grain broker in Seattle, Washington. Since the market for wheat is generally considered to be competitive, the Wheeler Wheat Farm maximizes its profit by choosing a. to produce the quantity at which average variable cost is minimized. b. to produce the quantity at which average fixed cost is minimized. c. to sell its wheat at a price where marginal cost is equal to average total cost. d. the quantity at which market price is equal to the farm's marginal cost of production.







If marginal cost exceeds marginal revenue, the firm a. is most likely to be at a profit-maximizing level of output. b. should increase the level of production to maximize its profit. c. must be experiencing losses. d. may still be earning a positive accounting profit. When price is below average variable cost, a firm in a competitive market will a. shut down and incur fixed costs. b. shut down and incur both variable and fixed costs. c. continue to operate as long as average revenue exceeds marginal cost. d. continue to operate as long as average revenue exceeds average fixed cost. Suppose a profit-maximizing firm in a competitive market produces rubber bands. When the market price for rubber bands falls below the minimum of its average total cost, but still lies above the minimum of average variable cost, the firm a. will experience losses but will continue to produce rubber bands. b. will shut down. c. will be earning both economic and accounting profits. d. should raise the price of its product.



10. Shrimp Galore, a shrimp harvesting business in the Pacific Northwest, has a 30-year loan on its shrimp harvesting boat. The annual loan payment is $25,000 and the boat has a market (salvage) value that exceeds its outstanding loan balance. Prior to the 2001 shrimp harvesting season, Shrimp Galore's accountant predicted that at expected market prices for shrimp, Shrimp Galore would have a net loss of $75,000 dollars after paying all 2001 expenses (including the annual loan payment). In this case, Shrimp Galore should a. produce nothing and experience a loss of $25,000. b. produce nothing and experience a loss of $75,000. c. continue to operate because expected profits will rise in the future. d. continue to operate even though it predicts a loss of $75,000....
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