Perceptual Process

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Cognition Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Perceptual Process
The perceptual process is the sequence of psychological steps that a person uses to organize and interpret information from the outside world. The steps are: * Objects are present in the world.

* A person observes.
* The person uses perception to select objects.
* The person organizes the perception of objects.
* The person interprets the perceptions.
* The person responds.
The selection, organization, and interpretation of perceptions can differ among different people (Figure 0). Therefore, when people react differently in a situation, part of their behavior can be explained by examining their perceptual process, and how their perceptions are leading to their responses. Perceptual Selection

Perceptual selection is driven by internal and external factors. Internal factors include:
* Personality - Personality traits influence how a person selects perceptions. For instance, conscientious people tend to select details and external stimuli to a greater degree. * Motivation - People will select perceptions according to what they need in the moment. They will favor selections that they think will help them with their current needs, and be more likely to ignore what is irrelevant to their needs. * Experience - The patterns of occurrences or associations one has learned in the past affect current perceptions. The person will select perceptions in a way that fits with what they found in the past. External factors include:

* Size - A larger size makes it more likely an object will be selected. * Intensity - Greater intensity, in brightness, for example, also increases perceptual selection. * Contrast - When a perception stands clearly out against a background, there is a greater likelihood of selection. * Motion - A moving perception is more likely to be selected. * Repetition - Repetition increases perceptual selection. * Novelty and familiarity - Both of these increase selection. When a perception...
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