Perception of Future World

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Asia Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: April 14, 2013
A utopia is an imaginary place where everything is ideal-all if perfect without any fault. This term was first coined in Sir Thomas More’s book in 1516. There have been several films made, based on this concept. However society does not believe that this will ever be achievable. A dystopia is also a possibly imaginary place where nothing is ideal. A place which is greatly flawed in numerous ways exploring and commenting on the actions that humans have committed. This is the reverse of a utopia, however such a place is possible unlike a utopia.

Future World:
The term “Asian Invasion” has long been used to comment on the ever-growing population and reproduction rate of the Asian race. However this is no longer an issue to joke about in one’s spare time. No…it is now an official internationally recognized law which cannot be swayed. Anyone caught making racist statements regarding the Asian race is punishable by death. But be wary, if you-the reader are a member of the Asian race, I am long gone and thus cannot be subjected by punishment. Regardless of Asian or not, here in your hands you hold the last of my work. The final piece if written mastery by I-Stephen King. However this mass of words is not another of my work, this is the truth and it is reality. Here in your possession remain my personal opinion and recounts of this take over. BREAKING NEWS! As you know the stereotypical assumption of Asians being terrible drivers has existed for centuries. Well the streets of Fujitsu Road, has soon come to realise and see this with their own eyes. A 3 year old child, has just been run over by none other than a Asian driver. The Japanese civilisation have always been highly advanced in their technological advancements. In the year 1950 they achieved the world’s first successfully operational super computing system, however refusing to share this marvellous piece of work with the rest of the world, they became rejected. This rejection grew more and more as time...
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