Perceived Value on Aec by Abac Students

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Executive summary

We decide to do this project because we want to know how the Assumption university’s students perceive about the Asean Economic Community (AEC) which is expected to come in year 2015 and also how the factors, quality of university, tuition fees, social factor and government policy relate to the perceiving in AEC. We found that the quality of university, tuition fees, social factor and government policy influence the perceiving value on AEC education industry, moreover, we also test the different perception among many group of respondents such as Thai and Non-Thai students, and Students who have different faculty to study how the Assumption university’s students perceive toward the AEC by setting many hypotheses. After testing the hypotheses, we can make the conclusion to explain how the factors affect the perceiving on AEC which the respondents perceive all factors, quality of university, tuition fees, social factor and government policy as high also The highest frequency of the factor that first came in mind when thinking about education in AEC is the language from the junior students. Hopefully, this project will more or less help the university also the related government department such as education and economic department to understand more how the respondents perceive the AEC and gain more information from our research.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of Study
As we know, nowadays, Asian Economic Community or AEC is an important issue that everyone is talking about. AEC is the goal of regional economic integration that will be coming in 2015.In short, the AEC will create the free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and freer flow of capital. Therefore, many things in our nation will be changed and we have to prepare for its. In Thailand, all educational institutions aware and do research for the changes. Many universities and schools are preparing and keeping updates to cope with AEC.We also chose Education because it is something we are familiar with while we are students, education is important to us and we feel that the ABAC students will respond well to this topic and possibly have more knowledge about Education Industry than other industries. Our research will study about how ABAC student perceived value on AEC in education. We chose to do our study on perceived values on Education in AEC for ABAC students because we wanted to know what the students think about the future of the Education Industry in the coming AEC integration in 2015. The research will focus on the factors which are quality of university, tuition fees, social factors, government policy, and language and show whether these factors have a relationship in or can be related to perceive value on AEC in education or not.

Statement of the Problem
Our research question is “What are the factors that influence the perceived value of AEC Education Industry for ABAC students?” This is our main research problem and we want to find the relation between the independent factors and dependent factor.

Significance of Research
We believe our research will be significant for academic and practical purposes. The practical benefits will be insights into what is the main driving factors that influence perceived value on AEC Education Industry, and why students place most priority on these factors. We could use this information to focus on those areas that students find most important and try to improve them. This information could also benefit the students trying to choose a university to study at. For the academic purposes this research will benefit the universities and help them improve their services to students. Maybe it can be useful to marketers whose target market is university students.

Objectives of the Research
What we hope to achieve with this research is to:
* Learn more about ABAC student’s perceived value on Education in AEC * Discover if they believe that this will positively,...
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