Peraonal Essay of Alan Shaw

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Personal essay of Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw
COLL 100
APUS University
Mrs. A

Personal Essay of Alan Shaw
I never enjoyed school as youngster going through grade school and dropped out in the 10th grade so College wasn’t something I ever even entertained…..But here I am. In this essay I will discuss why I am seeking a degree in the IT field and I will also discuss what 2 different websites say my learning style is and why I agree with the two. First of all, I’m going to explain why I’m seeking my degree In the IT field. Even though I didn’t like going to school when I was younger I’ve always had a fascination with computers and anything electronic. My first computer was the Apple II E and I got a rush being able to input lines of code and get the expected outcome. The first program I ever executed was a simple clock timer program and was immediately hooked. Shortly thereafter I joined the Navy, served for a year, was discharged and worked mainly in the construction industry and service industry. Throughout the years and especially my mid 30’s, I started to realize that I’m not getting any younger and was also experiencing excruciating back pain. At this point in time I decided to explore repairing computers on the side and discovered that I was good at servicing them and slowly but surely developed the big picture of computer repair. My first re-introduction to the computer field was with a Compaq Desktop with the Pentium 4 processor. After a short period of time with a pretty good grasp of what the hardware side of computer repair was about I began to experiment with the software side. Once again I was hooked. During the winter of 2009, the pain in my back was so unbearable; I could no longer work a physically demanding job. I decided on corrective surgery and became disabled as a result. I soon discovered I could still type a little and piece computer hardware back together. Finally after much procrastination, I decided to get my GED and get my Degree in...
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