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PeopleSoft Messaging Server Settings Guide1
Introducing the PeopleSoft Messaging Server3
Messaging Server Processes4
Configuring Messaging Servers in PSADMIN4
Understanding Dispatcher Parameters5
Understanding Handler Parameters7
Understanding Integration Broker Parameters8
Minimum and Recommended Values.9

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Introducing the PeopleSoft Messaging Server
PeopleSoft Messaging Services exist on the application server and are the heart of the Integration Broker. Before using Integration Broker, you must configure and start the Messaging Server, aka PUB/SUB. Although the server processes devoted to your messaging system are all part of the larger application server domain, they comprise a distinct set of processes that aren’t involved with the ordinary transactions associated with PIA connections. Six processes of two different types, dispatchers and handlers, are combined in pairs to produce the messaging servers needed for transmitting messages throughout your messaging system. Each messaging server is a different type. A set of three — a publication broker, a publication contractor, and a subscription contractor — constitute the messaging server set required by Integration Broker. Following is a listing of the generic names for the processes: Messaging ServerDispatcher NameHandler Name

Publication Contractor (PUB)PSPUBDSPPSPUBHND
Subscription Contractor (SUB)PSSUBDSPPSSUBHND

PeopleSoft delivers default PUB/SUB services with _dflt added to the above naming convention. For example PSBRKDSP_dflt. It is recommended that you use these services unless you have a specific need for dedicated handlers. To boot PUB/SUB use PSADMIN to configure your domain and simply answer Y to the following question at the end of the configuration process: Command to execute (1-7, q) : 4 Do you want the Publish/Subscribe servers configured (y/n)? [y]:y For typical implementations, there is no need to configure custom or additional dedicated messaging servers as the default messaging services will handle all basic messages. Please see the last section of this guide for recommended values More information about managing the application server can be found in the PeopleSoft Server Tools Administration Peoplebook. Additional Information available in Peoplebooks under:

Home > PeopleBooks Library > PeopleSoft Integration Broker > Configuring the Messaging
Messaging Server Processes
There are a variety of server processes devoted to application messaging. If you are not implementing the application messaging technology then you may skip through the delivered, default server processes. The delivered server processes are: •PSBRKDSP

These server processes act as brokers, dispatchers, and handlers of the messages in your messaging system. For the purposes of this paper we will divide these into two categories: Dipatchers and Handlers. Configuring Messaging Servers in PSADMIN

This section provides overviews of messaging server configuration, dispatcher parameters, and handler parameters. Understanding Messaging Server Configuration
Once you create dedicated messaging servers, you must configure their dispatcher and handler processes so they boot when you start the application server. You configure these processes using PSADMIN just as you do any other server process that runs on the application server. Before you attempt to configure additional messaging server processes, you should be familiar with the other server processes that run on the application server. For more information, please see Peoplebooks Working With PSADMIN Menus. As stated earlier, two types of server processes comprise each messaging server: a dispatcher and a handler. Each process type requires you to set a different set of parameters. Most of the parameters are similar to...
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