Penny in the Dust

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Penny in the Dust

In the short story “Penny in the Dust” by Ernest Bucker, we see a father-son relationship. Three points that I will be discussing are: Pete and his qualities, the conflict, and the relationship Pete and his father have. In this story we see a weak father and son relationship in the starting, which becomes better and stronger.

First of all, Pete is a 7-year old boy who learns how much his father loves him. Pete is softhearted boy who loves his father more than a 7-year old boy would. Pete is also an inarticulate child who is unable to tell his father his feeling for him. Another quality Pete has is that he is very sensitive person. We see this when he cried after losing the penny. One quote that shows that Pete is inarticulate is when he states, “Oh thanks” I said. Nothing more. I couldn’t expose any of my eagerness either.” after he receives the penny. This shows Pete wanted to say something, but didn’t know how. Pete is softhearted, inarticulate, and sensitive boy who wants to show his love for his dad, but is unable to.

In addition, Pete and his father are unable to tell one another how much they love each other. We can see the theme throughout the story; one example is when the father was unable to give the penny to his son. He had to wait till it caught Pete’s attention, and then give it. The conflict affects Pete, because he wants to tell his father everything he imagines, but doesn’t know how. An example of the conflict affecting Pete is when he is unable to tell the whole story about him losing the penny. Also another example is when Pete and his father were farming, he was unable to tell his father his opinions. He couldn’t tell his father if he wanted three rows or four rows, or if he could put him up on the oxen. I think the conflict is believable, because the Father is inarticulate while his son is very imaginative. So it can get awkward when they are talking to each other. Both the father and son were affected by the...
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