Pen-3 Model Domestic Violence in Chinese Americans

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Abuse Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Write a 2 - 3 page paper that includes the following:
1. Provide a brief overview of the health issue among your selected group, statistics about the scope of the problem, and its implications for health. 2. Describe the Cultural Identity of the group you chose. Specifically address how each of the PEN-3 model’s three factors of Cultural Identity applies to your group. Be sure to provide examples.

In the Chinese American population we find that thou overall life expectancy is higher that there are a number of health risks that influence their health. There is a high risk of cancer, specifically colon. ((Quock, 1992) Also heart disease and stroke can make up a large part of the health concerns.There is also a high incident of domestic violance, hepititis B and turberculosis. "In 2010, turberculosis was 11 times more common among Asians, with a case rate of 22.2 as compared to 2.0 for the White population." (Office of Women's Health 2006) Cultural barriers, health insurance issues, language and immigration concerns can also impact the Chinese American population. Domestic Violence

Chinese Americans make up the largest percentage of Asians immigrated to America. Of those individuals a surprisingly high number have been exposed to domestic violence in their lifetime. Based on an ethnic study in Boston, older Chinese were more receptive to domestic violence. 61 percent of Chinese individuals reported being hit as a child. Also the same number of Chinese felt you should report domestic violence as those that felt you should not. (Yoshioka 2000) There has not been an established link between immigration status and domestic abuse.

When providing health care to a known or unknown victim of domestic violence the provider may run into several obstacles. Some of these may include reluctance to share information, language barriers, cultural beliefs, fearful of cultural community and fear of the abuser. All of these can limit or prevent...
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