Pejorative and Social Construct

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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2. What does the text author mean when he calls terrorism a "pejorative" term and a "social construct?" Provide your reaction to White's statement that terrorism is a social construct. The term Pejorative simply means a term that is loaded with a negative or derogatory meaning. (White pg. 6) When White used this term, I believe he was referring to the fact that when the terrorism is used it usually evokes a feeling of fear. The book explains that when people use the term terrorism they are labeling the actions of their enemies sinister and devoid of human compassion. The term Social Construct means, the way people view reality. Groups construct a framework around a concept, defining various aspects of their lives through their meanings they attribute to the construct. (White pg.4) Basically White is saying that a majority of people conceptualize a point of view in regards to how their lives are different to further a point of reality that becomes more of a social view. I agree with Whites opinion of saying terrorism is a social construct. As American citizens, though we have the practices of free speech with the ability to form our own religions, ideologies, concepts, and theories I still believe that we allow our government and political leaders to sway our decisions and shape our reality. This is partly due to the fact that we invest trust in who we vote into political offices, so therefore we tend to trust their judgment. So terrorism is ultimately defined as what/who those in power say it is.
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