Peer Presure

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Peer pressure Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Peer pressure on teenagers
In the world people but mostly teenagers have experimented peer pressure on their lives. Peer pressure is the act of let other people tell you or get you on dangerous situations. Teenagers tend to spend more time with peers than with their family members. Some of these things are the reasons why teenagers tend to be more involve into peer pressure. Peer pressure tends to have more effects on children that have low self-steam. Teens do things that go against their beliefs simply to be part of a group. Changing appearance is important for a lot of teens so they use drugs, change the way they act and the way they look. Teens use drugs so they can get to be in different group of friends, to look good, and to be cool. Teens get to be in different groups because it gives a different image of them and their personality to others. Drugs can influence the way someone look such as steroids which make them look bigger than what they were before so people think they have been working out really hard to achieve their body, and this makes people want to be around them. For some people the fact of using drugs make them look cool and at the same time become rebel which let people know that you don’t care about anything and that they are big enough to do drugs and that makes them have more friends or at least more people around them. Drugs influence the way other people look at them and it also influences the way you act. Teenagers change the way they act because they want to please someone, exaggerate about themselves to look better than what they really are, and way to express and how they talk. Some teenagers change to please someone for example if a friend or their boyfriend tells them to change that probably what they are going to do because she don’t want lost him or her friends. Teens lie about themselves so that they can look better than what they are, this could be related with not feeling what they are on their inside and also outside , so...
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