Peer Pressure

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Should Canadian government apologize to Chinese Canadians the way their ancestors were treated

No one is superior than other except piety and good actions.(Prophet P.B.U.H)Racism and equality are two opposite, but very important things that really affects the world peace.To being a racist and not given rights to others what they deserve is a worst thing that hides all qualities of a person.Even though, that is what Canada did to Chinese and I think that Canadian government should apologize to Chinese Canadians the way their ancestors were treated. Canadians made restrictions in econonmic and social matters on chinese inhabitants and also limit their access and oppertunities in compared to that what they substantially had by themselves.

To spend life where ever a person wants to is right of every person. Whereas, this right was taken away from Chinese when they wanted to settle in Canada. Canada’s government support the racist views of Canadians against the Chinese. Also passed the Chinese Immigration Act, which prohibited any Chinese from entering in Canada. This racist Act also prohibited those Chinese to enter in Canada whose families were already in Canada. Later, Canada repealed that act because of the Wartime allies between china and Canada.

In addition, Canadian government should also apologize for that living condition of Chinese Canadians that was inadequate for surviving a good life. Chinese had to face regular shortage of food. There was also the lack of medical care for Chinese. Moreover, the Canadian government also gives half of the public relief to Chinese Canadians compared to what white Canadians were given. Thus, in everything white Canadians were given full rights whereas, Chinese Canadians were not. In everything attitude of the Canadian government was so mean towards Chinese.

Furthermore, Canada should excuse to Chinese for the racist attitude that Canada used with Chinese to save their money....
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