Peanut Shell Charcoal Sa Water Filter

Topics: Water, Chemical element, Water purification Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Chapter I

Nowadays, water filters are important because of our environment. Many kinds of pollution affects our environment of water, that’s why those who drink water were caught having diarrhea or are even malnutrition. Water filters are very expensive that’s why those who are unfortunate causes themselves a long time to use water filters they just use temporary water that came from the ground.

Charcoal is a dark grey residue consisting of impure carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. It has 80%-98% carbon. It is used for writing, food production and more. It improves the water quality, by removing odors and bacteria because it contains a lot of carbon. This can help those unfortunate because charcoal can easily produce and are also being sell for such a cheap price.

Peanut shell charcoal as a ground water filter help us provide a better health and lifestyle, not only because we can help our family but also we can help the economy. Helping those who needed it may change their life not only for the fact that they can lose the diseases that they probably have. This can also help those people who are being exchange to their lives in our society.

Statement of the problem
The researchers chose this topic: peanut shell charcoal as a ground water filter. We are experimenting this investigatory project to have a cheaper usage of the water, so it will be a nice solution for our community to be proven by us. To filter the not sure clean water. Water can be safer when charcoals are used due of it consists a lot of carbon.

The researchers assume that charcoal, as the main ingredient in a ground water filter is not effective.

Significance of the study
Safe drinking water is very hard to obtain naturally. Usually, the people would buy water in those water stations so that they can have water in the right way, such as summit, absolute and more.

Scope and...
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