Peace Like a River

Topics: English-language films, God, Fiction Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Alexis Hux
English H-II
20 May, 2013
Peace Like A River
‘Tommy clawed the floor, bawling incomprehensibly, and his eyes rolled, and there was seeing all the devils waiting for him, whetting their long knives, that he could hear their gabbling shrieks, that the smell of sulfur so quick in the room issued from some dim mouth like chamber panting after his soul. Standing above him, Davy levered up a third cartridge.” (Enger 50).

I choose this passage because the author was emphasizing on the gory scene at the beginning of the exposition when Reuben Land who has asthma witnesses the shooting of two neighborhood bullies, Tommy Basca and Israel Finch, by his own brother. I also choose this passage because it was in an important chapter at the beginning of the book and very devastating. This was significant to the novel and the theme. One of the themes that were important throughout the entire novel was portrayed in this chapter and really helps state it in this passage. The theme that was portrayed was-have faith in the Lord and don’t be discouraged. I believe that this theme fits throughout the whole novel but was really stated in this passage while having a deeper meaning as well. The words and actions in this passage help sum up the entire chapter, being the most depressing chapter. Even though Reuben had felt the situation in the locker room was the one that changed their lives, the shooting of Finch and Basco will do more than just change their lives. It will send them on a journey whose return will assure that life will never be the same. It makes me feel or think that you should always stay strong with your relationship with God and have faith in him. All things happen for reasons and you may not know now but will realize later on in life.

A famous quote written by Patricia Neal states “A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” This relates to the novel because you need to have a strong positive...
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