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eMikiki Ellaine M. Bulanan
2011- 42642

Reaction Paper: Kinetics Festival 2012 (Thursday)

For four nights (September 25-28), the Department of Human Kinetics held recital performances from different dancing classes of PE2. The entire show was conducted to demonstrate what the students have learned in their respective classes as well as for the entertainment of the whole student body.

During the 4th night, a number of sections of line dance, modern dance, belly dance and street jazz danced their feet off flaunting their acquired knowledge of callisthenic techniques. And for a whole hour the entire show was filled with laughter, amazement, and pure entertainment.

The performances consisted majority of street jazz and modern dances. Each group presented satisfactorily. Inevitably, some routines were less synchronized and their moves were not showcased well-enough. There were also moments when the movements and dance steps lack power and distinction. However, these mishaps were the source of comedy for the audience rousing them more.

In addition, it can be suggested that the other groups should have chosen more appropriate song accompaniment and costumes to liven up their exhibition. There was also a set of performers which obviously did not incorporate more original steps and seemed to have gotten their moves from an existing performance found on the internet or a video somewhere.

No matter what, the whole show was very much entertaining. The small cost of the ticket for that event was so much worth the spectacle. The students may have been busy since they also have academic works to attend to, still, they managed to take time to practice, choreograph and present their respective numbers. Mikki Ellaine M. Bulanan


Reaction Paper: Kinetics Festival 2012 (Friday)

The final night of a week-long celebration of the Kinetics Festival was comprised of various numbers from individual classes of Philippine Folk Dance, belly dance, line dance...
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