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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Six Sigma Project Launch Plan Templates
Project Name/Number| Gelcoat Waste Reduction| Expected Net Benefit (INR)| 60 Lac| Process Owner| | Sponsor (Champion)| Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh| Project Lead | Mohit Sharda| Business Unit | Ashland Performance Material| Black Belt Coach| Amitabh Saxena| Target Completion Date| November 30th -2012| 1. Business Case| The Project intends to replace the Captive made Gelcoats with Ashland Gelcoat in PCT, The key concerns which would be addressed are the Properties, Waste Reduction and Reduction in Defects after fabrication. The project would support to demonstrate PCT the benefits in a analytical way, the project would lead in setting up PCT as a key account for Ashland Gelcoats in ZONE 1 which is a key target for 2013. Since, a lot of companies would try to place to Gelcoats in PCT soon, it’s better to take early mover advantage, utilize the current relationship to establish the product in PCT and can result in approx 48 MT GC Sale for FY13 which amounts to around revenue of 60Lac + approx| 2.Process| Fabrication Process of Panels for the Cooling Towers| 3.Problem Statement | PCT is currently using captive made Gelcoat in Sahibabad Plant during the manufacturing of the Panels for the CT, the process is resulting in loss of material during the production of the GC, then non uniform consistency and defects after application causing the rework. The problem occurs in Panel Fabrication from start of manufacturing the GC to Finish Product Inspection. The problem is irritating for the workers, the plant management and PCT considering the financial loss.| 4.Project Objective| Goal Statement| The improvement need to be done by November 2012, the project can bring a reduction in waste by around 80%, Cycle Time efficiency by at least 20% by reducing the defects etc.The business would have a 15% Cost Reduction in the Gelcoat Consumption.| | The Column Can be done once we have the discussion with...
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