Payroll Accounting

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Alicia Coffindaffer
April 11, 2013
Ch. 1 Case Problem C1
I believe that the company should take some kind of action on the situation. Even though the company was at fault, Ken too should have done something rather than keep the checks that was sent to him. It is the right thing to do to return the sent checks instead of keeping something that he really did not earn. The company should talk to Ken about the checks and if he does not comply with the company, they have every right to take action and take Ken to court or other legal action. It is not right for an employee, which was terminated, to screw a company by taking their money. But on another hand, the Human Resources Department is at fault as well. It is their responsibility to make sure that such information is filed or sent to be filed so that such things like this will not happen and the company would not be losing any money whatsoever. So that no such things will happen again, the company needs to make sure that they give the information to the other end and that they should remind them about the situation because they to tend to forget. Some people do tend to forget something’s, but things that involved money are something that some companies do not want to mess up. In this situation, I believe that they should take action and do something about it and to fix things and to communicate better so that it will not happen to them again in the future.
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