Pauline Gibbons

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Workshop Description: Supporting Student Learning across the Curriculum - with Pauline Gibbons|

In an English-medium school, many students will be learning English as a second (or subsequent) language. Such students are not only learning a new language, but learning through that language at the same time, and so they are faced with the challenge of simultaneously learning curriculum content while developing academic/subject-related English. This requires teachers to take a dual focus in their planning and teaching in order to take account of the language needs of their students as well as teaching subject content. This course focuses on working with English language learners across the curriculum, and in particular on how teachers can scaffold academic language in an integrated program. It is appropriate for both ESL specialist teachers, and classroom/ subject teachers who have English language learners in their classes. Presentations and workshops include sessions on how teachers can support second language development, the development of spoken language, and reading and writing in a second language across the curriculum. The course includes many practical activities for teachers to use with learners, and teachers will be encouraged to share their own practices. Teaching and learning process include:

* Input by presenter;
* Small group activities, workshops and discussion;
* Opportunities to experience practical classroom activities; * Opportunities for participants to share their own practices; * Time for participants' questions;
The course is grounded in current theories of second language learning; a functional approach to language; and current second language pedagogy and practice. Prior knowledge of these areas is not necessary and will be introduced in the context of implications for practice. As a result of the course participants will:

Extend their current knowledge, skills and understanding in the teaching of English language learners across the curriculum, and better understand the specific ways to support the process of learning (and learning in) a second language. Teachers will be better able to * Support the process of their students' second language learning; * Understand how the 'academic' language of school differs from informal spoken language; * Develop students' spoken language;

* Understand how to support students to read and gain meaning from complex texts; * Scaffold students' writing, including subject-related writing; * Recognize the value of collaboration between ESL specialist teachers and classroom/subject teachers; * Design language-based activities across the curriculum

Workshop Dates, Times and Location|

When: November 10-11, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday) 8:30-16:30. Where: Lotus Lounge in Elementary School Building, Western Academy of Beijing

Information about the Course Instructor: Professor Pauline Gibbons(PhD, MA Applied Linguistics, MA Anthropology, BA Hons, Dip TESOL)|

Pauline Gibbons began her career in UK, but has lived in Australia for almost thirty years. She has taught postgraduate and undergraduate TESOL courses at the University of Technology Sydney for the past twenty years, prior to which she worked as an advisor in the school sectors, working with school staffs to improve outcomes for English language learners. Before moving to Australia she spent nine years in Hong Kong, working at the Polytechnic University, and later returned as a visiting professor to the City University Kowloon. Her work with teachers has also taken her to Sweden, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Marshall Islands, Iran, Germany, UK and USA, among other locations. She has worked in a number of international schools in South East Asia, and recently has been working with teachers in remote indigenous communities in Australia.

Her research in recent years has focused on the way that teachers can provide an intellectually challenging...
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