Patrol Strategies

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You are the police chief in medium-sized city. In one residential neighborhood, citizens are alarmed (and complaining to city hall) because there has been a rash of burglaries. In the downtown area, an increase in muggings has the merchants concerned about losing business. At a city council meeting, representatives from both groups ask you how you can adjust patrol strategies to address the problems in each area. Pretend that you are responding to their questions in explaining below how each patrol strategy might impact (or not impact) the two problem areas in the city. Minimum of 175 words PER question or topic is required.

1. Preventive Patrol
When we think of the word preventive, the purpose is to stop and/or hinder and action from taken place. As a police chief, utilizing the preventive patrol strategy will have a significant impact with residents of any neighborhood. Placing officers in areas where there presence is known to residents in a neighborhood would help provide them with a sense of comfort and security. In no way, will crime stop; however, it will make someone think twice about wanting to commit a crime. Also, by providing residents with the presence of officers in neighborhoods, would ensure that at any time a crime was committed, officers would be able to respond in a timely manner.

2. Foot Patrol
The impact of having police officers on foot patrol especially in areas where the population is large is essential. Example, in metropolitan areas where public housing makes up the majority of residents, police presence is needed, and welcomed. The majority of public housing residents are exposed to violent behaviors on a daily basis. Having the ability to implement police officers patrolling the area on a 24 hour shift would help alleviate selling of narcotics, and domestic violence, along with other criminal activities. Because of the large number of patrol officers on foot, the ability to...
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