Patriotism Is a Dangerous Emotion

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Patriotism is a dangerous emotion. Discuss

Many a student of English would have studied the famous poem on Patriotism by Scott which begins this; 'Breathes there the man with soul so dead' and he concluded that such a person will not be honored nor recognized in his country.

The feeling of patriotism that this is my homeland, has done wonders. For the past two centuries we find one country after another struggling hard to assert its independence. Practically two centuries from now in 1776 the United States of America waged a war of independence against the British and got free. That was the turning point in the history of the world. From then on we find countries struggling for freedom and practically wrestling it from an alien ruler.

The classical case is that of India. The Indians under the leadership of Mahatma Ghandhi put up a tough struggle for freedom. Then the British Raj which was very powerful at that time would not yield. After a long struggle of nearly 25 years the Indians got their freedom.

A number of African countries have fought to get their independence from foreign rule. The unending fight between Israel and the Arab countries is yet another case of struggle for freedom. In South Africa there is a ceaseless fight against the white rule. Wherever there is foreign domination or some colonial power having control, there is an awakening and the people fret and fume for freedom.

In the name of freedom against the Spanish rule Simon Bolivar did wonders. Once an English statesman called his people to save the freedom of the land. He gave the cry 'England expects everyone to do his duty'. Churchill during the Second World War had his V sign for victory with his two fingers raised. In that way he galvanized the people into action forgetting all the sufferings and humiliation they faced during the Battles of Britain and Dunkirk. Bala Gangathar Tilak of India with his battle cry of 'Vande Matharam' was able to rouse the spirits of the...
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