Patriotic Essay

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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What Patriotism means to me and how it has impacted my live

Patriotism is a ten letter word meaning very simply a devotion to one’s country. As an American it means that I live in a country that defends independence and human rights throughout our nation and the world around us. Our country’s history is one that is full of men and women that have fought, who are fighting and will continue to fight for our basic freedoms. Loyalty is often used as a measure of an individual’s patriotism. Although there are many ways to show devotion like displaying flags, wearing your countries colors and learning your history but the greatest act of this loyalty is to leave the comfort of family and friend and serve in your countries armed forces. That extreme loyalty and devotion is something my family and I had to get used to when my uncle signed up to join the United States Army. He enlisted on September 25, 2003; he wanted to serve his country this way because of the increased terror threats to our way of life. It was an easy decision for him but was a decision that made the family nervous. We knew that he would be sacrificing a great deal in order to serve his country. I remember just praying that he would come home healthy and safe and that war would not change him. He was first sent to Fort Benning Georgia and then decided to become an Aviation Operation Specialist. Many of my friends thought that is was so cool to have an uncle in the Army, but I have to admit it made me worry because all over the news young men and women were dying in the War on Terror. I had mixed emotions because I wanted him home but when people talk about the heroes of the war I would hold my head a little higher because my uncle was among the heroes that they were talking about. The holidays were very difficult because while we were getting together as a family he was away from us without the home cooking and laughing that fills our house. What gave the family some peace was that...
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