Patriot Act

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, American Civil Liberties Union, Terrorism Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: February 12, 2013
USA Patriot Act Paper
Nikki Peeler
January 28, 2013
Shon Kuta

USA Patriot Act
September 11, 2001 America was changed forever. The United Stated felt the effects of terrorism and realized just how vulnerable we are as a nation. Having experienced such a horrific event forced our government to look at things more closely which brought about the USA Patriot Act. This allowed federal agents the ability to detain non-citizens while also monitoring such devices as email and internet and an increase in monitoring student visas. Many argue the USA Patriot Act and say it is a violation our certain rights. They feel as though the government is invading their privacy and civil liberties. This paper will address the advantages and disadvantages to the USA Patriot Act. Introduction

The USA Patriot Act was established to increase protection for the United States citizens. It was not devised to infringe upon people’s rights or to become intrusive into their private lives. It was merely meant as a means to protect our nation and those of us living here. On the other hand there are many United States citizens who view this much differently they feel as though the government is using the 9/11 tragedy as a means to gain more control. I wonder if we all thought we were unattainable as a nation before the 9/11 attacks? We quickly realized that day just how vulnerable we really are and still are today nearly 12 years later. This paper will talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of the USA Patriot Act. Disadvantages

There are many supporters and there are many who do not support the USA Patriot Act. Those who do not support the act feel as though civil liberties and rights will be and are compromised as a result. When a terrible act of violence occurs the government and its officials go into high gear to beef up security. With the USA Patriot Act beefing up security means the dismantling of civil liberties (Point). Those who oppose...
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