Patrick Swayze

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Georgi Romano
Patrick Swayze was born August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas. He was an actor, singer, and song writer. He was voted the most sexist man alive and is best known for playing the roles of the tough guys and the romantic leading man. Some of the famous films that he has played a role in are, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and the T.V. mini-series North and South. The Swayze family was a Roman Catholic family, his father Jesse Wayne Swayze worked as an engineering draftsman and his mother Pasty Yvonne Helen, was a choreographer, dance instructor, and dancer. Patrick Swayze also had two younger brothers, Sean Kyle and Don Swayze who was also an actor, and an older sister Vickie Lynn. On June 12, 1975 Patrick Swayze married his home town sweetheart Lisa Niemi, they met in 1970 when Swayze was 18 and Niemi was 15, she was taking dance lessons from his mother. After they had been married for a while they tried to have children, but never succeeded. Instead of having children they invested there time and love on their ranch full of dogs, horses, and cattle. At age 20 Patrick lived in Oak Forest in Houston, where he attended St. Rose of Lima Catholic School. The years he was in school he pursed multiple artistic and athletic skills- ice skating, classical ballet, acting in school plays, and played some football in high school. When he was to go to college he received a football scholarship but had an injury to his knee, which allowed him not to be able to play. While in college he studied gymnastics at San Jacinto College for two years. After graduating from college, in 1972 he moved to New York City to complete his formal dance training at Harkness ballet and Joffery Ballet School. His first professional appearance was a dancer for Disney on Parade. His rugged looks, winning smile, and studied movements helped him land roles on Broadway's "Goodtime Charley”, “West Side Story", and "Grease". Then starred as a replacement playing the role of Danny Zuko in the longest running Broadway production of Grease before his debut film role as “Ace” in Skatetown U.S.A. He appeared as PVT Strugis in the M*A*S*H episode “Blood Brother” and had a brief stint in 1982 on a short lived television serious The Renegades playing a gang leader named Bandit. He became known to film industry after appearing in The Outsiders as the older brother of C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe were the younger two brothers. One year later they reunited in “Young Brother”, and considered him a member of the Brat Pack. His first major success was in the 1985 television miniseries North and South which was set during the American Civil War. The saga tells the story of the enduring friendship between Orry Main of South Carolina (Patrick Swayze) and George Hazard of Pennsylvania (James Read), who become best friends while attending the United States Military Academy at West Point but later found themselves and their families on opposite sides of the war. The slave-owning Mains are rural planters, while the Hazards, who resided in a small Northern mill town, live by manufacturing and industry, their differences reflecting the divisions between North and South that eventually led to the Civil War. Everything changed in 1987 when he became an overnight sensation with his starring role in "Dirty Dancing" opposite Jennifer Grey. It may have been the part he had been preparing for his whole life - rakish dance teacher Johnny Castle, who enjoyed tight pants, Cuban heels, and had an eye for the young ladies. Also immortalized: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," uttered by Swayze to Jennifer Grey's father, Jerry Orbach, during the film's dance-off finale, which in subsequent years, became one of the most beloved and often repeated lines in film history. Dirty Dancing, a coming of age story, was a low budget film that was intended to be shown in theaters for one weekend only and then go straight to video, but then became a massive hit and international success, and sold over 214...
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