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Topics: Patient, Learning, Education Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Patient Teaching: Importance of Repositioning
Sean Crayton
University of Toledo College of Nursing

Patient Teaching: Importance of Repositioning
Assessment of Patients Learning Needs
M.C. is an elderly male who was admitted and treated for a fall and hip fracture. He had surgery, is bed ridden but is soon to be released. He and his family need proper teaching on the importance of reposition as to avoid obtaining pressure ulcers during his limitations to extensive bed rest and staying off of his feet or performing any unnecessary movements that could cause irritation or reinjuring the recently repaired hip. As requested we are including the family who will be his primary care takers at home and it is necessary that they all learn how to take care of M.C. properly due to his inability to adequately reposition himself successfully in the early stages of his release. Priority Nursing Diagnosis

Knowledge deficit. Patient will need proper positioning teaching. The teaching will pertain to the deliberate placement of the patient or body part in order to promote proper physiological and psychological well-being.

r/t. Lack proper knowledge related to how position/reposition M.C. to avoid development of pressure ulcers.
AEB. M.C. was admitted with a hip fracture and received surgery. He is soon to be release to go home but is ordered to long term bed rest.

Desired Patient Outcome(s)
At the conclusion of the patient teaching and proper diagnosis care we hope to ensure that M.C. and his family adequately know how to position/reposition the body to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, at more importantly the critical, but all areas of the body. Time Frame. Being realistic we are giving M.C. and his family the duration of his projected discharge week in order to properly and thoroughly learn the information and techniques required to successfully position/reposition a patient at risk for pressure ulcers. Interventions

Managing patients at risk for...
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