Patience (Narrative Essay)

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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PatienceBy: Yehia Youssef
Patience is “the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper or irritation” according to There are some who have real experiences with testing their patience. With life comes experience and with experience comes patience and with patience comes a type of immortality to hardships. For me, it was a real beating you can say. It was mid-summer, I laid their stiff, motionless, thinking someone would come and save me, but all I heard was a zinging noise coming from a bug high in the trees. Going for a bike ride sounded like a good idea in the middle of the summer, but I thought wrong. This bright and sunny day seemed to be like any other summer day, until the peaceful morning was awakened by the house phone. “Hey Yehia, are you doing anything today?” Out of boredom I replied “no I don’t have anything to do today.” “Then you should come for a bike ride with me and the others, it’ll be fun.” I thought to myself that I now had something to do instead of watching the fan in my room go round and round. Going out with my friends is somewhat fun for me. As I was putting on my running shoes, I remembered some not so great memories I had with kids in my neighbourhood. I was the one who was always different, weird and ugly to them, but I still put up with what they said because they would always give me that fake “I’m sorry, we were just joking”. I thought to myself that this was real patience and perseverance but this was only a small portion of what I had put up with. I came back to reality; my friends were knocking on my door. The air was fresh; the strong scent of freshly cut grass lingered in the air of the neighborhood and the cool breeze made my back tingle as we rode to the park. I thought to myself, today could be a good day. To get to the park we had to ride through the rough terrain and the dense forest. We were half way there when we took a break, it felt like we were never...
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