Topics: Existentialism, Abraham, Existential therapy Pages: 17 (6021 words) Published: February 14, 2013

A Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Hagar
Joyce M. Wooden
Liberty University

This paper presents with a five axial diagnosis and treatment plan for Hagar a Biblical character. Also presenting is the suggested treatment plan for her diagnosis, along with an intake interview which establishes the framework for each the diagnosis and treatment plan. In addition, included in this paper are the client’s mental status examination, modality profile, and an explanation of my personal integrative theoretical counseling approach. The center of attention of this paper focuses on the diagnostic findings and suggested treatment plan for these findings, as they relate to Hagar, a slave girl to Abram and Sari of the Bible.

A Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Hagar
As a result of working extensively with people, particularly women and children, and my studies in the field of professional counseling, an excellent theoretical approach to counseling developed. The name for this approach will be addressed throughout as the Female Manifest Identity Theory (FMIT). This theoretical approach is established on an integrative perspective, a combination of a biblically sound, psychologically empirical and three theories that strongly impressed upon me the most, which are: existential, person centered, and certain aspects of feminist therapy. Most importantly, the integration of this theory is strongly substantiated on biblical principles. It is designed to help women and others who may seek this form of counseling to become aware of their spiritual inner-self and evolving identity. With the combination of these three theories and clarity from a biblical perspective, a Christian counselor can implement a spiritually structured integrative restorative approach, which would take in hand certain non-bias issues that concerns the spiritual, emotional and mental well-being of those seeking this form of counseling, especially many situations faced by women. As a Christian counselor, my primary objective is to assist those who are struggling with their authentic self. Through studying the Bible, I found Hagar to be one of the more interesting figures. Her life story and circumstances is one that many women in modern society may face today. Her situation in life speaks out of the pages of ancient times as a woman who endured misuse, abuse, hardship, and pain as well as the burden of single parenthood. The most prevalent focus of this theoretical approach is that of change. However, the emphasis is not placed on primary an outward change. Changing outwardly is never enough, neither is humanistic goodness. There is and should always be more when addressing change in an individual. As stated by Dr. Jay Adams (1986) “All counselor’s Christian included—agree that the aim of counseling is to change people” (Adams, 1986, p. xi). The main focus of the Christian therapeutic process is to help the client come to a place of acknowledging his or her situation/problem and then work toward a reachable goal for change. The premise of the counseling profession is founded on the hurting who needs healing or should we say, the message/hope for positive change in their life. Dr. Sandy Wilson’s (2001) premise which is firmly established upon biblical principles, which stresses, hurt people needs hope that someone is capable of helping them change and to find healing for their situation. With this, viewing Christian counseling from a multitasking approach that involves the entirety of the human person from a biblical viewpoint provides for developing a more holistic and effective counseling theory. This theory must therefore, promote change from the inside out, which is the focus of the therapeutic approach I propose in the diagnosis and treatment plan for the biblical person,...
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