Passion, Pain, Royalty and Wisdom Through the Color Purple.

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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A black girl, sexually abused as an adolescent is painful to think about, and even more difficult to engrave in paper. Yet Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Purple” is remarkably recited. In fact, Walker illuminates the hardship, resentment, and dysfunctional lifecycle of African American women in the early 1900s. Walker also is able to convey the pain and suffering those men and women of African descent had to face. Walker novel is occupied with extreme measures of rape, physical abuse, verbal abuse, prejudice and oppression of black women within their own ethnic background. This novel compares two black women’s experience with the same man, one a mistress and one as his wife. Celie’s the main character in this novel. She is having trouble understanding how relationships work and what love is. Celie’s experiences with men have always been negative encounters. Her husband’s mistress Shug Avery gave her the strength she needed to value herself as a women, sister and mother. Celie grows up as a kept woman unable to blossom. Her roll in life was to cook, clean and shave Mr. and let him climb on top of her and do his business. Through the format of letters and a diary, Walker reveals the transformation of a mentally, religious, abused black girl into a self-determining, independent and, strong black women. “You better not never tell nobody but God. It’d kill your mommy” (Walker). Celie is a fourteen-year-old girl who has been molested by a man she believes to be her father. She carried two of “Pa’s” offspring’s. Her children were separated from her shortly after birth. She believes they were sold. First a baby girl than a boy: Adam and Olivia. ). Celie keeps a diary she starts her print with dear God. Her mother took sick and died. “Pa” marries Celie off to a man referred to as “Mr.__” or also known as Albert. “Mr.__” initially had his eye on Nettie, Celie’s younger and prettier sister. “Pa” stated she was too young so he gave Celie to Albert. “Mr.__” needed...
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