Party: Thought and House

Topics: Thought, Kill, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Jonathan Nelson
English Composition I
Pr. D.McAree
'Welcome to My House Party'
The night of June 16th would change my life forever. I never thought that I would be in so much trouble with my parents in my life. I wondered, what did I do? What did I want to accomplish from throwing a party? I had no idea what happened to my house, or what happened to me. Since when did a few friends turn into two hundred friends? How did my house turn into a smokey mess? Wait, now I recall exactly how it happened. It all started when my mother informed me that she was going to be out of town for a couple of weeks. She was off to the Dominican Republic visit old friends and family. Now when I heard that my mom was going away; the first thing to pop in my mind, like any other teenager would think was, 'Party'. Just my closest friends having fun and playing X box Kinect all night. At that time I couldn't even wait til she left the house. I was so excited that I even packed all of her belongings that she would need for the trip and loaded them in the car for her. Then I hop in the car, and take my mom to the airport. When we arrived I kissed her goodbye and headed back home with so much enthusiasm, to my surprise I was blesses with an empty house for the whole week. Life was good. The next day, I started planning for the party that I was going to host at my house. At this time we didn’t exactly have a date yet because there was no way to get liquor. So all I really focused on first and foremost was DJ sets, food, and games. Usually when I plan an event, I like to have my friends shoot out ideas to make the party better and more efficient. Nobody out of my group of friends can't agree on a theme to pick for the party. So I did some research online and figured that I should host a 'Day Glow' party. After seeing a number of displays on 'Youtube', I immediately went on Facebook and instantly made a set of party invites that eventually amounted to one-hundred seven-teen...
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