Parts of a Newspaper

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Parts of a news paper
A .Headline- the words are printed in a large type across the top or a news paper article to catch the reader’s attention B. Dateline- the words at the beginning of a news article that tell when and where the story was written. C. News article- in a news paper, a story about an event that has just taken place. D. Feature Article – a detailed report on a person, an issue, or an event. E. Editor – one of the people who run a newspaper

F. Editorial – an article in which the Editors give their opinion on an important issue. G. International – tells you about the news across the continents. H. Business - tells you the things that are happening business-wise. (media and advertising, world business, economy, stock markets, mutual funds, etc. I. Technology – contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world. J. Science – contains things that are happening in medical world. (e.g. outer space, environment, etc.) K. Health – talks about modern day human health and health problems. I. Sports – talks about games. (ball games, Olympic games, SEA games, etc.) M. Education – contains the trend n the world of education. (students’ Achievement, schools, etc.) N. Weather – contains the weather for the day

O. Obituaries – contains people who passed away and their death should be mentioned to the community. P. Classified Ads – contains open jobs and job description plus job requirements. Other parts include: Cover Page Story, Table of Contents, Editors Pool, Entertainment, etc. Commentary is a series of giving explanations and interpretations Guidelines in Writing a Commentary:

There is no recipe for doing commentaries. The elements that make up a successful commentary tend to vary and will depend on the nature of the text and on particular approaches to it. Nor is there a single ‘right answer’ to any passage for commentary. A good commentary may well consist of a number of pertinent questions raised by the passage. However,...
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