Topics: United States, Sociology, White people Pages: 9 (3239 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Assignment 4
Second Draft
Get rid of Whiteness
Whiteness has dominated the mainstream of social norms in America for a long time. However, in the 2012 Presidential Election, Barrack Obama won the election by the larger proportion of support from more non-whites than Romney since demographic shifts greatly impact the population structure and urged expansive multiculturalism. A melting pot is intended to form by absorbing versatile cultures around the world. Vincent Parrillo’s “Causes of Prejudice” puts forward psychological and sociological theories to explain the complexity of causes for prejudice. Several theories including frustrations and social norms can explain Hua Hsu’ opinions in “The End of White America?” In “White America?” by Hua Hsu, the author introduces several theories such as frustration and social norms, and how they can better explain different causes of prejudice. about how crosscutting social groups form majority-minority nation instead of whites’ dominate nation. Whiteness poses a strong gap among races and increases the social distance. Immigration has brought about multiculturalism into America and caused transformation of social status of whites from being dominant to being treated as other races. whiteness from dominance to collapse. Transition of status for whiteness whites results in prejudice to intensify and diminish under different racial angles. However, the elimination of white dominance whiteness doesn’t mean the end of the white America. Racial transcendence is needed to decrease prejudice and make a better America. Optimistic attitudes of whites are needed to accept reformation of social norms, and the achievement for multiculturalism can make American lives colorful and splendid(be more specific). Making prosperity of melting pot is an authentic value for Americans to consistently stick to(Clarify your point- be more specific and clear in your thesis statement). Whiteness dominance should be subdued because it consists many unfair disadvatages for minorities, becomes a barrier that to prevents immigrants from blending in American culture and causes prejudice against pre-minorities like blacks and Hispanics. Adaptation to white American life is necessary for all immigrants. As Hsu states(Question: are there any other expressions as quotations to be used?), “for an earlier generation of minorities and immigrants, to be recognized as a ‘white American’, was to enter the mainstream of American life”(499). Immigrants must imitate and assimilate white American culture like “learning English, going to church” (499) because whiteness acts as an ethnocentrically social norm to urge them to learn. (Check your quotation carefully)(Question: what is the difference with whiteness and white American culture? Can whiteness be a social norm?)As Parrillo states, “social norms form the generally shared rules defining what is and is not proper behavior in one’s culture” (396). Behaviors must conform to white American culture so that they can avoid prejudice from whiteness. (Race is a more critical factor than behavior in Hsu’s essay) Immigrants have to modify their actions so that “white America wouldn’t not be intimidated by them” (Hsu 499). Why don’t minorities adopt intimidation towards whites since “intimidation sometimes…ensured compliance” (Parrillo 396), but instead comply with white American culture? Because the social norm of whiteness has strong power of generalized rejection of all outgroups, which is the ethnocentrism. As Parrillo states, “ethnocentrism is a generalized rejection of all outgroups on the basis of an ingroup focus” (386). Immigrants have to adapt themselves into in groups to avoid the rejection. If not, strong reaction will be posed on targets. For example, as Terkel states in “C.P.Ellis”, friend of C.P.Ellis felt that “he sold out white’s face by working with black a woman” (404). Even C.P.Ellis was holding new truths, historically constructed...
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