Parody Definition

Topics: Rhetoric, Parody, Harvard Law School Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: February 4, 2013
In the house of comedy there are many inhabitants. Their names range from “dark humor”, “satire”, and “sarcasm”. However there is one inhabitant known as “parody” whose role often is misconstrued, as a result the word is up for debate in the aspects of its purpose, characteristics, and definition.

The purpose of a parody can vary between each one of them. Some can be used to entertain through means of fanciful ideas presented in a nonsensical manner, while others are real life problems that are simply cloaked in a humorous portrayal of diplomatic debates from yesteryears. Take for example the parody of the presidential debate. The word debate is oxymoronic in itself because a debate is a controlled argument. Arguments are usually wild so when placed by the word controlled, the two words definitely clash in meaning. A normal presidential debate is exactly what the oxymoronic word, debate, entails. In short a presidential debate is when two RIVAL candidates for presidency sit down and argue presented topics with as much respect you would give a FRIEND. The parody of the presidential debate provided a face to what two rival presidents would actually want to say to one another. The parody highlighted what the real situation could not. If society were the parents of the parody and the normal situation, the parody would be the older sibling unafraid to express his views to his parents while the younger sibling; the normal situation, would only do what society instructed to do. In short, parodies all have their individual purpose whether it be to make you laugh, make you think, or just make money, the main purpose that all parodies share; is to give a side of a situation that society would normally deem as “too much”.

The characteristics of a parody are relatively similar throughout the entire topic. There are of course differences like a parody given through song and a parody given through a video. One might focus on visual rhetoric while the other attempts to...
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