Parents-Teenage Child Relationship

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10 October 2012 As defined by the Encyclopedia of Children’s Health, parent-child relationship consists of a combination of behaviors, feelings, and expectations that are unique to a particular parent and a particular child. The relationship involves the full extent of a child's development. Parent-child relationship is described as the most important relationship among the different relationships people formed over the course of the life span. The quality of the parent-child relationship is affected by the parent's age, experience, and self-confidence; the stability of the parents' marriage; and the unique characteristics of the child compared with those of the parent. Therefore, how the child is raised in every aspect of life throughout every phase up until adulthood lies on the hands of the parents. How the child grows mainly depends on how he/she is guided by his/her parents especially on the rough times where the only people he/she can depend is his/her parents thus the parent-child relationship is the best way to grow and mold into a better person. But things change and people change over time especially when these children reach the stage of pre-adolescent or adolescent or the stage where the “raging hormones” are at its peak. The teenage years or adolescence is considered as the most tumultuous and stormy part of life, or the most turbulent and difficult phase of a person’s life. Why? Because in the normal track of life of a human being, this is the stage wherein we humans experience the greatest range of emotions, the quickest possible time to make decisions and the fastest time to react to every single thing. Therefore, in these years we make the most irrational decisions and the biggest mistakes which will let us learn the true value of the people around us especially our parents.

Parents who say “Little children, little problems; big children, big problems” refer to, no doubt, the upheavals of adolescence. Being a parent is a rewarding experience, but it’s not always easy, especially during the child’s teenage years. Parenting an adolescent can be like riding a roller-coaster; one moment they appear angelic and mature, the next, their horns appear and things get out of control. All of a sudden, your teenage child seems to have changed without warning. The teenage years or adolescence is defined, as the period which begins with puberty and ends with the onset of adulthood. It is also the period of life wherein a growing individual makes the transition from the period of childhood to the state of adulthood.

According to Wikipedia, adolescence (from Latin: adolescere meaning "to grow up") is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development generally occurring between puberty and legal adulthood which is the age of maturity. The period of adolescence is most closely associated with the teenage years, although its physical, psychological and cultural expressions can begin earlier and end later. 

This period is highlighted by what anthropologists termed as, rites of passage which includes a total transformation of the person. It too includes the transition of a person from one phase to another. Relating rites of passage to the teenage phase of a person, this is where one undergoes the most significant transformation with the longest and hardest transition so this means that a transformation is directly...
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