Parenting: Parent and Social Life

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Why should not parents be strict?
In every culture in the world, parents all have their own method to raise a child. Some of the methods are good, some of them are not. Every parent has the best intentions at hearts but sometimes they restrict their child unconsciously. Their strict rules don’t lead the child’s happiness. There is no doubt that parents shouldn’t be so strict. There are three main reasons why parents shouldn’t be like this such as; make that children have high self-esteem, make them independent and make them free in social life. As we said, the first reason is make their children self-esteem. It was told that if there is a parent who make decision and solve problems for her/his child, the kid lose her/his self-esteem and confidence and become shy at the article which called “Review of Modern Parenting” For example, let say there is a child who have helicopter parents. Her parent always tell her what she can do or not, when she can do, who she can do with etc. After a while, she will start to think “they tell me all the time what or when I can do, because I can’t do it on my own.” So she can’t fell herself. To sum up, parents allow their children to develop self-esteem. The second reason why parents shouldn’t be strict is raise an independent individual who can make decisions on her/his own. Some parent want that their children will be obedient and s/he will do all things they say. They restrict the child’s ability to think freely. For the kids, there is always someone who decided for her/him, so time when s/he take a decisions, s/he will confused. Because s/he is not used to that. S/he always do what is told, couldn’t do what s/he want. Even maybe s/he couldn’t be who s/he wants to be or s/he couldn’t follow her/his dreams. S/he don’t know what’s right or wrong for her/him, are too naive to know what s/he want from life, are too insufficient to make a right choices. Parents should remember that their children have their own...
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