Parental Gender Roles

Topics: Gender role, Bible, Gender Pages: 6 (2142 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Shameia Gatewood
4 December 2012
Parental Gender Roles
Image this; your significant other and you are blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Because of a health reason the man in the relationship cannot partake in the work force and results with the woman bringing the family income. The man, in turn, is a stay at home father and raises his son as such while the mother is more distant. Is it safe to say that your family’s house hold will be the reason for your son being homosexual? Or is safe to say that your son’s homosexuality isn’t a result of your family’s way of life but that your family’s way of life is not of God due to the lack of gender roles?

The presence of or lack of parental gender roles and stereotypes have an effect on a developing child. Concerning the debate over the necessity of parental gender roles, I support the position that parental gender roles are unnecessary while raising children. I stand against the opposing position that parental gender roles are necessary and that the child will be hindered without them. In the first section of this paper, I will explain the first opposing argument, which states that parental gender roles are a necessity in the Christian faith. I will disprove this argument by stating that the Holy Bible has not been proven to withhold un-tampered words from the Lord. In the second section, I will examine the second opposing argument, which states that the lack of parental gender roles will create sex role insecurity and homosexuality. I will disprove this argument by stating that there is not only insufficient evidence to support this claim but also there is a logical fallacy within the argument. I will finish this paper with main arguments that support my opposition that parental gender roles are unnecessary.

The first opposing argument suggest that by Christian faith, parents must abide by gender roles set in the Holy Bible just as they are to abide by other faith laws spoken in the Holy Bible. Being a fellow Christian myself, we are taught that Gods will and word is all written in the Holy Bible and that we are to teach our children just as the Lord teaches us. We are also taught not to question the Holy Bible for you are not to question Gods will or word. With that being said, gender role laws are laid out in the holy text and Christians are to follow them without question, just as many other laws in the text. Many Christians refer to 1Timothy 2:12 as evidence of God’s will. 1 Timothy 2:12 states, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet”. While this quote doesn’t directly suggest that the woman is not to work, it does, on the other hand, demand that woman are not to be above men which directly shows strict gender laws. Another popular scripture Christians use in their defense is Colossians 3:18 which states, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord”. This quote directly tells Christian woman that they are to submit to their husbands, or follow the gender law, because it is what the Lord wants. Many Christians do not go against nor question the Holy Bible therefore not questioning their assigned gender roles as man or woman.

This presented argument is wrong. There are many scriptures in the Holy Bible that guide Christians on the subject of gender roles. Although the Church teaches Christians to pass down the gender roles teachings to their children, no scriptures in the bible suggest such parenting style. Many Christians that argue God’s will is to raise children under strict gender roles, when in reality; it is roles in marriage that all Bible scriptures on gender roles are referring to. I believe that because the Church teaches Christians to apply strict gender roles while raising children that many are lead to think it is God’s will.

The second opposing argument claims that lack of parental gender roles create sex role insecurity and homosexuality. This argument is false as well...
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