Parental Control

Topics: Parent, The Adolescents, Mother Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: January 1, 2012
Parenting during childhood is about nurturing and taking care of the child’s simple needs. The parent is the one in complete control, when the child becomes an adolescent; they need a feeling of their own independence. The goal is for the adolescent to gradually be treated as an adult individual with an equal balance of power between parent and child(). When a child becomes an adolescent their needs grow to fit their new maturity and environment. They have social developed, in which their psychological needs come into play, competence, relatedness, and autonomy (Kakihara & Tilton-Weaver, 2009). To grow these needs, parent control has to be open and supportive of the adolescent. The authoritarian parent demands for perfection and is unresponsive to the child’s needs. The child may feel neglected and distant from their parent. They may also feel overly pressured to meet the high standards set by the authoritarian parent. Permissive parents are the opposite, as in they have very low standards for achievement and have no rules for order. The parent acts in a laissez-faire manor, in which they allow the child to do as they please, without any discipline or praise for their actions. Typically, children raised by permissive parents fail to mature into adolescence and tend to lack respect for the rules of society (Fite, Stoppelbein, & Greening, 2009). Ultimately, passive parents become more liberal parents resulting from the continual defiance and rebellion that their adolescent children express towards their parenting efforts (Keijsers, Frijins, Branje, & Meeus, 2009). The goal is to be a combination of authoritarian and permissive, which is referred to as an authoritative parent. The authoritative parent is highly supportive, and takes time to explain to the child why they may have been punished for their actions (Fite, Stoppelbein & Greening, 2009). In addition to the authoritarian, authoritative and permissive styles of parenting, each parent also...
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