"Paradise Lost" by John Milton/ the Transformation of Satan

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  • Published : February 10, 2009
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Satan’s Transformation in John Milton’s Paradise Lost

The controlling purpose of this paper is to analyze the transformation of Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Satan is a very strong and demanding character in all of the series of Paradise Lost , from the beginning to the end. Satan’s main goal throughout the entire poem is to try to corrupt humankind and, unfortunately with his tricky tactics and significant transformation skills he does. At the beginning of the poem Satan is a very kind and majestic angel, by the name of Lucifer that many follow and listen to. In Heaven all angels are equal, loved, happy, and worship only one God. However , Satan wanted it to be the other way around where everyone looked up to him rather than God.

One day Satan and an army of his rebel angels decide to go to war with God and the other angels in Heaven. Satan and his rebels are defeated and they’re

all cast down into Hell by God. Satan’s greatest fault is his pride, because his confidence in thinking that he could ever overthrow God displays tremendous pride and vanity. Only a few hours after being defeated Satan’s rebel angels are awakened by Satan rising from a burning lake which is a part of hell. The rebels and Satan begin to discuss whether or not to declare another war on Heaven. Satan does not declare another war on Heaven. His rebel lieutenant (Beelzebub) tells him of a new world being created which only man and animals lived. Satan decides to pay a visit to this paradise, but he knows in order to get through paradise he needed to transform into non-human like figures. That was nothing to Satan because he would do anything to corrupt humankind. In order for Satan to get to Paradise he had to travel through the gates of Hell, the sentries Sin and Death, and the realm of Chaos. While traveling through these places Satan goes through numerous transformations, from a humble cherub,...
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