Paradise Lost

Topics: Paradise Lost, God, Hell Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Queenie Proctor
British Literature
Ms. Baker
October 25, 2012
Peace or Chaos: The Choice is Yours
The statement misery loves company is well expressed in Book I of Paradise Lost, by John Milton. Satan is jealous of God’s command and decides him and an army of other rebellious angels will challenge God and overthrow Him as the ruler of heaven. Satan and the others woke in hell; they had just lost the battle against God. The results of their rebellion lost these disobedient angels access to eternal joy and peace and gained them eternal misery and chaos. Satan would rather be a king in a storm than a servant in a clam. The text says, “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven” (Lewalski and Maus 1952) although Satan is in pain, he feels he is equal to God, because he can rule hell. Satan does hope to regain heaven through continuous war and disobedience. Satan has plotted a revenge and attempt to persuade the other fallen angels into remaining in cahoots with him. Milton’s representation of Satan’s jealousy towards God’s unbeatable authority is enough to make a non-believer convert to Christianity.

Hell is described as a fiery furnace, dark and hopeless. Hell is also described as unlike that of Heaven. At first even Satan is tormented by his loss of happiness and peace. Jealousy and pride won’t allow Satan to repent; instead it fuels his hatred and desire to rebel. Satan believes that if he begs for mercy it would be more shameful than the defeat he just experienced. Satan is jealous of God’s leadership and mocks God’s leadership style. “Who no triumphs, and in th’ excess of joy sole reigning holds the tyranny of Heav’n” (Lewalski and Maus 1949). Satan is trying to distraught the readers perception of God, and draw sympathy for himself. Satan is manipulative and selfish. Satan doesn’t want to be servant, but wants the fellow fallen angels to be a servant to him. Satan’s purpose is self-glorification and uses the others to get him what he wants. Satan...
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