Parable of a Sadhu

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Roll No 54
Name Chirag P Thakar
Class MFM

Sub : Assignment No 1: Business Ethics.

Analysis of the “ Parable of a Sadhu”

Based on the decision that was taken or made, I don’t think the group put forth enough of an effort to save this man’s life. They each did their own part, but they didn’t work together. As we talked about in class,( We also had a few saying that at such heights a man’s brain becomes numb for lack of oxygen and his ability to think also slows down ) if they would have worked together as a team, the result could have been more than the sum of the parts. The Sadhu could have had a better chance of surviving this ordeal. It is hard to say whether what these men did was enough, because we do not know what happened to the Sadhu. But they certainly could have done more to help their fellow man. This story reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan. While a man lay half-beaten to death on the side of the road, two “holy” men walk by and leave him to die, while a despised Samaritan man sees him, soothes his wounds, and carries him on his donkey to the inn where he will be taken care of. Buzz and his group could have been like this Samaritan and been more compassionate to this Sadhu. As religious men I believe they had a responsibility to do so.Some might argue that since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, they should not let anything get in the way of achieving this goal. Conversely, the chance to save a man’s life may also be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it comes down to which consequences you want to live with for the rest of your life. Is it worse to never have made it to the village at the summit of the mountain or to have contributed to the death of a fellow man because of indifference on your part? In these types of situations, there is hardly ever a clear cut “right” choice. Because of this, many situations in the business world can be related to this dilemma. People in the business sector face moral...
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