Paperless Office

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Paperless office

The idealized office in which paper is absent because all information is stored and transferred electronically. With the ever-expanding application of computers into business areas as diverse as accounting, desktop publishing, billing, mail, and scheduling, it seemed in the early 80s that the real paperless office was just around the corner. Ironically, just the opposite has transpired. The ease with which computers enable people to print all sorts of documents has created a flood of new paper. Indeed, perhaps the most widespread computer application is the fax machine, which uses paper by the ream.

Paperless Office Advantages

For some, the paperless office is all about conservation and environmental protection. Many reason that conservation and protection are good ideas, therefore so are paperless offices and paperless document management. For those not-so-tree-huggerish folks out there, for whom the paperless office has had no draw at all, it's definitely time to take a fresh look at this idea. A paperless office can benefit the bottom line as much as it does lakes and streams. Sometimes a good idea is just, well, a good idea! One major advantage of a paperless office is the ease with which documents can be found. Simply include the client name or some other identifier in the name of each document you save and even if you save the file in the wrong location, you can pull it up with a simple search. In addition to being easy to find, documents in a paperless office are easier to retrieve - you don't have to leave your desk! Furthermore, if you store your documents online with Go Paperless, you can retrieve them from any computer with an Internet connection, on any day of the week, at any time of the day or night. Finally, you can retrieve a document even if someone else has already retrieved it. How many annoying, office-wide document hunts will be avoided when everyone is taking advantage of this wonderful technology!
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