Paper of Son and Lovers

Topics: Family, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The characters in "Sons and Lovers"
——Tragedy of Paul's Love
Abstract: As the main character in this novel, Paul, shows the most struggle in his love: the love for hs mom, for Miriam and for Clara. My work is to analyze the complicated relationships among the women and the man. Due to the Oedipus complex of Paul, he always can't balance his love between his lovers and mother. A pure pilgrim of Miriam and a feminist of Clara, Paul finds himself in love with both of the two. However, he can marry neither, because he can't balance them with his mother, a possessive women. Paul's love is not an occasionally tragedy, but an inevitable one. Key words: balance, son and lovers, Oedipus complex, feminism Introduction :

General idea about Paul and the Sons and Lovers
Conflict between Miriam and the mother and Paul
Conflict between body and soul
Paul's self -reasons for his tragedy of love

As one of the most outstanding masterpieces of D. H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers is a magnificent novel which reflects the society of Britain as well as the whole world in the early 20th century. The novel tells several unbalanced lovers including Paul, the main character of the novel, reflecting the real life of D. H. Lawrence. Paul is a real contradiction who can not balance his love among his lovers and his mother. Reflected by parents' endless conflicts, Paul tends to love his mother but hate the father, which seems to be the origin of his tragedy of love. Mrs. Morel, a possessive women, who would never allow his beloved son to be robbed by other women. Such kind of emotion comes from her Phaedra complex towards her son. And her son, Paul, is born with the Oedipus complex. Dramatically, this pair of mother and son is more likely a pair of lovers. Mother always wants her son to be with her and the son thinks his mother a lovely woman that he even can not bear his mother's being older and the fact that she is much older that him....
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