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Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Health care Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Running head: THE IOM REPORT 1.

Goals of the IOM
Julie A. Maher
Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics
April 11, 2013


Nursing is the largest part of the United States health care system workers. As the healthcare system changed rapidly it was difficult for nurses to keep up, and avoid obstacles along the way. The new Institute of Medicine (IOM) created a committee of professionals from different backround’s, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In 2010, this committee created a report about the future goals of nursing. The goal was to promote change based on their recommendations, at different governing levels. The report emphasized eight recommendations, and some key points to guide the profession in a new direction. I am going to focus on three key elements of the IOM report pertaining to education, primary care and leadership.

Education is needed after a nurse is licensed, to develop the idea of life-long learning in our profession. Examples of this are Licensed Practical Nurses, (LPN) -to-Registered Nurses (RN), Associate Degree Nurses (ADN) -to- Bachelor of Science Nurses (BSN) and BSN-to Masters of Science Nurses (MSN) transitions. There has become a desperate need for more Advance Practice Registered Nurse Specialist (APRNs). Our health care system is ever changing; science is advancing leading to more skills needed to provide safe and effective care. Patients are more complex, sicker and require more efforts; time and mostly more educated nursing personnel. When the education system improves, nurses can easily progress academically. The Government can help with creating more options to make continuing education more feasible financially. School...
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