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Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Nicotine Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: March 18, 2013
In my opinion I do believe that there are so many factors that influence the use of different drugs. Social, family and intimacy factors can be the reason they start to use the drug of choice. Drugs affect people differently and I truly believe that people do not start out using drugs any type of drug to become addicted to it. I firmly believe that when a person starts out using any type of drug they believe or do not even think about the addiction factor. I believe that the addiction is a result of not dealing with other problems in that person’s life. Not everyone starts using drugs as a way to “get away” from their problems, some start using as a way to fit in. Smoking when I was growing up was cool and there were no restrictions on age to buy tobacco. Tobacco has a certain stigma of being cool, for example if you wanted to ride in the rodeo or be a baseball player “chewing” was the thing to do to fit the profile. It has just been in the last few decades that warnings and restrictions have been placed on chewing tobacco. I do know that addiction affects more than just the person using the drug or drugs of choice, that addiction is not new it is not that has just started to happen, and that addiction is not prejudice. Our book says “ While sociocultural or external factors have been used to explain addiction, psychological explanations of addiction also exist. ((Harrison and Fisher, pg. 40) To me this means that there are a lot of factors that people deal with and some of the end results for certain people is substance addiction. Fisher Gary, Harrison Thomas. "Substance Abuse." Fisher Gary, Harrison Thomas. Substance Abuse. 5th. Pearson, 2013.
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