Paint Ball Business

Topics: Retailing, Sales, Online shopping Pages: 5 (1564 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Executive Summary
"Paintball games" is the next big thing in the sporting industry. As the #1 sport for growth, paintball is up more than 84% to 9.4 million U.S. players within the past five years according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Harquebus Paintball, Inc. (HPI) will start out as a small retail paintball company based in Bombarde County, Ourstate. HPI's location is the prime location as it contains only two other poor retail paintball shops creating very little competition. HPI will specialize in the sale of a wide variety of quality paintball equipment such as guns, parts/accessories, magazines, apparel, and more, as well as hosting local tournaments and providing quality services such as repairs and upgrades of products, bringing first year's sales to a total of $1,920,385 achieving profitability from month one. All employees will be experienced in the broad spectrum of paintball to fulfill the customers needs. HPI will have an extreme advantage over the little competition that does exist, as it will have an online store, very competitive pricing, carry a much greater selection, host sales and promotions, gift cards, and membership benefits. Harquebus Paintball's current opportunity to enter the unique paintball market is perfect, as the market is rather new, expanding rapidly, is one of a kind, and is not yet capitalized with dominant nationwide competition from other chain stores that would otherwise make it nearly impossible to enter the retail paintball market. * Future Plans and Expectations: HPI’s main future goal will be to expand greatly through physical storefronts, unique high-quality paintball fields, as well as e-commerce transactions, and to dominate the retail paintball market, first throughout Ourstate, and from there...the entire nation via franchising. Harquebus Paintball will become the "Best Buy" of the retail paintball industry. * Keys to Success: HPI realizes that in order to be successful, certain factors, or "keys to success," must be followed through, and followed through well, such as hosting sales and promotions, having a good product selection to choose from, servicing products sold, a well defined knowledge of the industry, store location, reputation, and advertising. * Ownership and Management: HPI is a corporation owned by its CEO Padraich Petard, COO Geoffrey Gunnar, and CFO Petra Pistolero, who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of HPI such as inventory upkeep, accounting, financials, sales and promos, etc. Other lead management includes Dolores Derringer, who will handle HPI's advertising, and Claude Carabinerie, who will lead HPI's service department. * Requirements: HPI will require start-up funds for the purchase of start-up assets and expenses such as corporate identity/forms, remodeling, rent, office/store equipment, inventory, cash reserve, advertising, and misc. expenses/assets. * Products: HPI will sell a wide variety of quality paintball products such as guns/markers, paintballs, upgrades/accessories, apparel, magazines, paintballs, and hoppers via its physical and online store. Services will include repairs/upgrades of equipment, which will be provided in the physical store only. * Market: HPI's market audience will be males, ages 12-24 that actively (actively = plays at least once a month) play paintball in Bombarde County, Ourstate. Through market research, HPI found that approximately 3.9% of Bombarde County males ages 12-24 actively play paintball, which comes to approx. 2,144 players. According to the NSGA (National Sporting Goods Association), paintball has grown an average of 16.8% per year over the last five years, thus HPI feels that paintball is not a fad, and will continue to take a strong, steady growth throughout the nation. HPI's marketing strategy is to hit hard and fast, dominating its local market from the start, and blowing away the competition through local advertising, grand opening giveaways,...
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