Pain of Losing Someone

Topics: Emotion, Pain, Feeling Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Pain of losing someone
According to Wikipedia, Pain is "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage." Pain to me has no definition because it is like my world is coming to an end and I do not know how to stop it. There are different types of pain, e.g. body pain, menstrual pain, chronic pain, and pain of losing someone.

Losing someone very close is an extremely painful experience. People find it very tough to cope up with the realization that they will no longer be able to see someone in particular who was very close to the heart. Heart aches or should we say it feels as if heart is breaking. Such deep emotional feelings often manifest themselves in physical symptoms of heaviness and tightness in your body structure. The other parts of body seem like reacting in a way that they want to protect your aching heart. 

When people lose their close relatives I feel bad and just say sorry without knowing how they feel. I started realizing or feeling people's pain after I lost my grandma and cousin the same day. The day my Grandma died it was as if my world was coming to an end, I just spoke to her like 3minutes ago and I got a phone call from my mum saying my grandma had passed on. I was in shock and did not know how to pour out my pain, I was just screaming and wailing because I just spoke with her some minutes ago and now they said she gone forever. I thought to myself ‘is this how people die without saying goodbye?’ I had to leave work immediately because I was not mentally stable then. When I got home I heard my 13 year old cousin had also passed on too, she could not bear the pain of losing my grandma because she was very close to her, and she died of shock the same day.*sobs*

Moments of grief are experienced by one and all. Hardly few people can ever claim to have not experienced this feeling at all. The issue to be tackled here is how soon we can get over with...
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